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Licowax - Antislip agents, antiblock agents, lubricants - Clariant International Ltd

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Tradename: Licowax
Family: Antislip agents, antiblock agents, lubricants
Producer: Clariant International Ltd
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Kunststoffe international, 2005-11-21, For All Eventualities
.... This is why particular requirements are placed on the release effect of lubricants. The different lubricants can be readily classified in laboratory tests. The rolling test reveals major differences between the different waxes. The montan waxes of Licowax E and Licowa OP are noted for their extremely good release effect. Amide waxes, such as Licolub FA 1 only reduce sticking to a very small extent, however. Despite pronounced differences in the lubricants presented, they nonetheless display si...

Kunststoffe international, 2005-11-21, Functional Compounds
...y material parameters, such as different magnetite products (Table 1), different filler contents (40 to 80 % by weight) and different additives (processing stabiliser Sandostab P-EPQ, Hostanox O3 as an antioxidant, and costabiliser Hostanox SE10 and Licowax OP as a lubricant (manufacturer: Clariant, Gersthofen/Germany) were varied and their influence on the properties of the compound was investigated. The basic polymer used was a polypropylene copolymer (grade: Moplen EPF 31 H, manufacturer: Bas...

Kunststoffe international, 2005-11-21, Highly Filled, Well Dispersed
...Micronised Waxes Polyethylene Carrier The advantages of micronised waxes mentioned above can also be verified experimentally. For this various investigations were carried out which allow direct comparison between fine-particle and micronised waxes. Licowax PE 130 powder, especially intended for polyethylene, and its micronised counterpart, Ceridust 3620, were chosen. Both are non-polar polyethylene waxes and differ only in respect of particle size. The basic formulation is given in Table 1. In ...

Kunststoffe international, 2005-11-21, Polypropylene/Magnetite Compounds
...ed with different magnetite products. It is easy to see here that the tensile and flexural elasticity moduli of the filled specimens are slightly lower for the formulations with additives than for those without. This is due to the use of a wax (Licowax) in the additive formulations. There are, however, no significant differences between the specimens produced with the two different additive formulations. As was to be expected, the additives affect the mechanical data of the injection moulded par...

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