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Welcome to Material Data Center

Material Data Center offers the plastics industry's best quality data on materials and their applications. The system offers comprehensive intuitive and intelligent tools, which will be explained in the following.

Global Text Search

Use this fantastic new feature, which allows you to define a keyword and search the complete knowledge base including material datasheets, application database, literature and tradenames. You will receive a clearly arranged hit list with direct links to the relevant sources. The user interface allows for extremely easy navigation in this comprehensive knowledge base.
The global text search is available for all users of Material Data Center. Access to the links in the hit list is depending on the user status (subscriber, registered user or guest).

Material Data

Standard Version
This intuitive and intelligent system offers quick information about material properties, allows detailed search options and the extensive comparison of materials. The main attributes are:
  • Physical property data determined according to ASTM, ISO-CAMPUSĀ® testing standards
  • Single point data and multi point data
  • PDF datasheet printout
  • Toolbox
  • CO2 calculator
Access to the standard version of Material Data Center is available for an annual fee.
Order access for one year

Datasheet Lookup
Generate a datasheet for all materials of the database. The search function is limited to the definition of producer and material brand name.
The free datasheet lookup is available for all users of Material Data Center.


The toolbox offers a very easy navigation into the calculation programs, which are part of the standard version of Material Data Center.
Use our engineering software to calculate cooling times, flow length and several mechanical features, including snapfits. Calculate model parameters for the most common material models for mold design and CAE.

A CO2 footprint calculator on generic basis is also offered.

Application Database

Search or browse through the application database containing hundreds of case studies with the most current information from material suppliers or search by different criterions.

Biopolymer Database

The Biopolymer Database offers material data about Biopolymers, in relation to a research project funded by the German department of Agriculture


This database offers an extensive list of tradenames of the plastics technology. Find plastics by the tradename or identify producer and characteristics of a material.


This module includes literature about plastics. For the time being this includes the "International Plastics Handbook" from Osswald, Baur, Brinkmann, Schmachtenberg, and the "Plastics Additives Handbook" from Zweifel, Maier, Schiller, both published by Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich. Also several hundred technical articles from the magazine Plastics Technology and abstracts from Kunststoffe international are available including links to the publisher. Users can search for any keyword in all available texts and read the relevant pages.

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