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Polimaxx - TP - IRPC Public Company Limited Petrochemical Business

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A search for "Polimaxx" in Material Data Center leads to the following information:

Tradename: Polimaxx
Family: TP
Producer: IRPC Public Company Limited Petrochemical Business
84 hits in the material database

Material Data Center offers information about the following products with the requested tradename. To view a datasheet, please click on the relevant product.

Datasheet Polymer
Polimaxx 11 75SM PP
Polimaxx 1100NK PP
Polimaxx 1100NN PP
Polimaxx 1100PK PP
Polimaxx 1100RC PP
Polimaxx 1102H PP
Polimaxx 1102K PP
Polimaxx 1111JX TA8 PP-T40
Polimaxx 1111NX BA4 PP-Z20
Polimaxx 1111NX GA6 PP-GF30
Polimaxx 1111NX TA4 PP-T20
Polimaxx 1111NX TA8 PP-T40
Polimaxx 1111R PP
Polimaxx 1125NA PP
Polimaxx 1126NK PP
Polimaxx 1140H PP
Polimaxx 1140NN PP
Polimaxx 1140U PP
Polimaxx 1196NN PP
Polimaxx 1202J PP
Polimaxx 120PC SAN
Polimaxx 121PC SAN
Polimaxx 129PC SAN
Polimaxx 2100N PP
Polimaxx 2300K PP
Polimaxx 2300LC PP
Polimaxx 2300NC PP
Polimaxx 2300NCA PP
Polimaxx 2300SC PP
Polimaxx 2311KX TA4 PP-T20
Polimaxx 2311LCX GA4 PP-GF20
Polimaxx 2311LCX TA6 PP-T30
Polimaxx 2311NCX TA4 PP-T20
Polimaxx 2311SCX TA4 PP-T20
Polimaxx 2363LC PP
Polimaxx 2440TC PP
Polimaxx 2500H PP
Polimaxx 2500M PP
Polimaxx 2500PC PP
Polimaxx 2500TC PP
Polimaxx 2511HX GA5 PP-GF25
Polimaxx 2511PCX TA6 PP-T30
Polimaxx 2540S PP
Polimaxx 2563LCX TA5 PP-T25
Polimaxx 2563PCX TA6 PP-T30
Polimaxx 2564PCX TA6 PP-T30
Polimaxx 3140NN PP
Polimaxx 320PC SAN
Polimaxx 3325M PP
Polimaxx 3340H PP
Polimaxx 3342M PP
Polimaxx 3342R PP
Polimaxx 3370RM PP
Polimaxx 3375RM PP
Polimaxx 3375SM PP
Polimaxx 5175SM PP
Polimaxx AM3245PC (PE-HD)
Polimaxx AN450R ABS
Polimaxx AP102 ABS
Polimaxx BM3245PC (PE-HD)
Polimaxx G2855 (PE-HD)
Polimaxx GA2850 (PE-HD)
Polimaxx GA300 ABS
Polimaxx GA400 ABS
Polimaxx GA800 ABS
Polimaxx GA850 ABS
Polimaxx GM2860 (PE-HD)
Polimaxx GP110 PS
Polimaxx GP150 PS
Polimaxx HI630 (PS-HI)
Polimaxx HI650 PS
Polimaxx HI830 PS
Polimaxx J6535R PE
Polimaxx KU200 ABS
Polimaxx KU650 ABS
Polimaxx KU901 ABS
Polimaxx MH-1 ABS
Polimaxx R1760 (PE-HD)
Polimaxx RO1760 (PE-HD)
Polimaxx SP100 ABS
Polimaxx SP200 ABS
Polimaxx SR101 ABS
Polimaxx V1160 (PE-HD)
Polimaxx V7030J PE

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