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zytel - PA6, PA610, PA612, PA66 - dupont

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A search for "zytel" in Material Data Center leads to the following information:

Tradename: zytel
Family: PA6, PA610, PA612, PA66
Producer: dupont
202 hits in the material database
33 hits in the literature database
14 hits in the application database

Material Data Center offers information about the following products with the requested tradename. To view a datasheet, please click on the relevant product.

Datasheet Polymer
Zytel® 101 NC010 PA66
Zytel® 101F BKB009 PA66
Zytel® 101F NC010 PA66
Zytel® 101L BKB009 PA66
Zytel® 101L BKB080 PA66
Zytel® 101L NC010 PA66
Zytel® 103FHS BKB009 PA66
Zytel® 103FHS BKB038 PA66
Zytel® 103FHS NC010 PA66
Zytel® 103FHSA NC010 PA66
Zytel® 103HSL BKB080 PA66
Zytel® 103HSL NC010 PA66
Zytel® 105F BK010 PA66
Zytel® 132F NC010 PA66
Zytel® 135F NC010 PA66
Zytel® 151 NC010 PA612
Zytel® 151L NC010 PA612
Zytel® 153HSL NC010 PA612
Zytel® 157HSL BK010 PA612
Zytel® 158 NC010 PA612
Zytel® 158L NC010 PA612
Zytel® 42A NC010 PA66
Zytel® 444AHS BK152 PA66-I
Zytel® 45HSB NC010 PA66
Zytel® 70G13HS1L BK031 PA66-GF13
Zytel® 70G13HS1L NC010 PA66-GF13
Zytel® 70G13L NC010 PA66-GF13
Zytel® 70G25HSL NC010 PA66-GF25
Zytel® 70G25HSLR BK099 PA66-GF25
Zytel® 70G25HSLR NC010 PA66-GF25
Zytel® 70G30HSL BK039B PA66-GF30
Zytel® 70G30HSL NC010 PA66-GF30
Zytel® 70G30HSLR BK099 PA66-GF30
Zytel® 70G30HSLR NC010 PA66-GF30
Zytel® 70G30L NC010 PA66-GF30
Zytel® 70G33HS1L BK031 PA66-GF33
Zytel® 70G33HS1L NC010 PA66-GF33
Zytel® 70G33HSL BK083 PA66-GF33
Zytel® 70G33L BK031 PA66-GF33
Zytel® 70G33L NC010 PA66-GF33
Zytel® 70G35EF BK538 PA66-GF35
Zytel® 70G35EF NC010 PA66-GF35
Zytel® 70G35HSL BK039B PA66-GF35
Zytel® 70G35HSL NC010 PA66-GF35
Zytel® 70G35HSLRA4 BK267 PA66-GF35
Zytel® 70G35HSLX BK357 PA66-GF35
Zytel® 70G35HSRX BK099 PA66-GF35
Zytel® 70G43HSLA BK099 PA66-GF43
Zytel® 70G43L NC010 PA66-GF43
Zytel® 70G50HSLA BK039B PA66-GF50
Zytel® 70K20HSL BK284 PA66-AF20
Zytel® 70K20HSL NC010 PA66-AF20
Zytel® 7301 NC010 PA6
Zytel® 7335F NC010 PA6
Zytel® 73G15HSL BK363 PA6-GF15
Zytel® 73G15L NC010 PA6-GF15
Zytel® 73G30HSL BK261 PA6-GF30
Zytel® 73G30HSL BK416 PA6-GF30
Zytel® 73G30HSL NC010 PA6-GF30
Zytel® 73G30L NC010 PA6-GF30
Zytel® 73G30T BK261 PA6-I-GF30
Zytel® 73G30T NC010 PA6-I-GF30
Zytel® 73G35HSL BK262 PA6-GF35
Zytel® 73G40T BK416 PA6-I-GF40
Zytel® 73G45 BK263 PA6-GF45
Zytel® 73G45L NC010 PA6-GF45
Zytel® 73G50HSLA BK416 PA6-GF50
Zytel® 74G33J NC010 (PA66+PA6)-GF33
Zytel® 74G33W BK196 (PA66+PA6)-GF33
Zytel® 74G33W NC010 (PA66+PA6)-GF33
Zytel® 77G33HS1L NC010 PA612-GF33
Zytel® 77G33L BK031 PA612-GF33
Zytel® 77G33L NC010 PA612-GF33
Zytel® 77G43L BK031 PA612-GF43
Zytel® 77G43L NC010 PA612-GF43
Zytel® 79G13HSL BK039 PA66-I-GF13
Zytel® 79G13HSL NC010 PA66-I-GF13
Zytel® 79G13L NC010 PA66-I-GF13
Zytel® 8018HS BKB085 PA66-I-GF14
Zytel® 8018HS NC010 PA66-I-GF14
Zytel® 80G14A NC010A PA66-I-GF14
Zytel® 80G14AHS BK099 PA66-I-GF14
Zytel® 80G14AHS NC010 PA66-I-GF14
Zytel® 80G25HS BK117 PA66-I-GF25
Zytel® 80G33HS1L BK104 PA66-I-GF33
Zytel® 80G33HS1L NC010 PA66-I-GF33
Zytel® 80G33L NC010 PA66-I-GF33
Zytel® 80G43HS1L BK104 PA66-I-GF43
Zytel® BM70G20HSLX BK537 PA66-I-GF20
Zytel® BM7300THS BK317 PA6-I
Zytel® BM73G15THS BK317 PA6-I-GF15
Zytel® E41HSB NC010 PA66
Zytel® E42A NC010 PA66
Zytel® E51HSB NC010 PA66
Zytel® EFE1068 NC010T PA66
Zytel® EFE7374 BK416 PA6-I-GF40
Zytel® FE270038 BK267 PA66-(GF+MD)40
Zytel® FE270046 BK267 (PA66+PA6T/XT)-GF30
Zytel® FE270050 BK099 PA66-(GF+MD)30
Zytel® FE310001 NC010 PA612
Zytel® FE3734 NC010 PA612
Zytel® FE4200 BK136 PA66-I
Zytel® FE5382 BK276 PA612-GF33
Zytel® FG101 NC010 PA66
Zytel® FG101L NC010 PA66
Zytel® FG133F1 NC010 PA66
Zytel® FG151L NC010 PA612
Zytel® FG42A NC010 PA66
Zytel® FG50 NC010 PA66
Zytel® FG53 NC010 PA66
Zytel® FG70G30HSR2 BK309 PA66-GF30
Zytel® FG70G30HSR3 BK309 PA66-GF30
Zytel® FG70G50HSLA BK309 PA66-GF50
Zytel® FGFE5171 NC010C PA66-GF33
Zytel® FN718 BK230A PA66...
Zytel® FN727 NC010A PA6...
Zytel® FR50 BK505 PA66-GF25 FR(17)
Zytel® FR50 NC010 PA66-GF25 FR(17)
Zytel® FR7025V0F NC010 PA66 FR(30)
Zytel® FR7026V0F NC010 PA66 FR(30)
Zytel® FR70G25V0 BK369 PA66-GF25 FR(17)
Zytel® FR70G25V0 NC010 PA66-GF25 FR(17)
Zytel® FR70M30V0 BK010 PA66-MD30 FR(17)
Zytel® FR70M30V0 NC010 PA66-MD30 FR(17)
Zytel® FR95G25V0NH BK458 PA66/6T-GF25 FR(40+60)
Zytel® FR95G25V0NH NC010 PA66/6T-GF25 FR(40+60)
Zytel® HTN51G15HSL BK083 PA6T/XT-GF15
Zytel® HTN51G15HSL NC010 PA6T/XT-GF15
Zytel® HTN51G35EF BK083 PA6T/XT-GF35
Zytel® HTN51G35HSL BK083 PA6T/XT-GF35
Zytel® HTN51G35HSL NC010 PA6T/XT-GF35
Zytel® HTN51G35HSLR BK420 PA6T/XT-GF35
Zytel® HTN51G35HSLR BK420J PA6T/XT-GF35
Zytel® HTN51G35NOX BK420 PA6T/XT-GF35
Zytel® HTN51G45HSL BK083 PA6T/XT-GF45
Zytel® HTN51G45HSL NC010 PA6T/XT-GF45
Zytel® HTN52G35HSL BK083 PA6T/66-GF35
Zytel® HTN52G45HSL BK083 PA6T/66-GF45
Zytel® HTN53G50HSLR BK083 PA*-GF50
Zytel® HTN53G50HSLR NC010 PA*-GF50
Zytel® HTN53G60LRHF BK083 PA*-GF60
Zytel® HTN54G15HSLR BK031 PA*-I-GF15
Zytel® HTN54G15HSLR NC010 PA*-I-GF15
Zytel® HTN54G35EF BK420 PA*-I-GF35
Zytel® HTN54G35HSLR BK031 PA*-I-GF35
Zytel® HTN54G35HSLR NC010 PA*-I-GF35
Zytel® HTN55G55TLW BK773 PA*-I-GF55
Zytel® HTN92G35DH2 BK083 PA6T/66-GF35
Zytel® HTNFE350064 BK544 PA*-I-CF
Zytel® HTNFE8200 BK431 PA6T/XT-I
Zytel® HTNFE8200 NC010 PA6T/XT-I
Zytel® HTNFG52G35HSL BK011 PA6T/66-GF35
Zytel® HTNFR52G20NH BK337 PA6T/66-GF20
Zytel® HTNFR52G30BL BK337 PA6T/66-GF30 FR(16+72)
Zytel® HTNFR52G30BL NC010 PA6T/66-GF30 FR(16+72)
Zytel® HTNFR52G45BL BK337 PA6T/66-GF45 FR(16+72)
Zytel® HTNFR52G45NHF BK337 PA6T/66-GF45 FR(40)
Zytel® HTNFR55G50NHLW BK046 PA*-GF50 FR(40)
Zytel® LC6159 BK554 PA612
Zytel® LC6200 BK385 PA612-I
Zytel® LC6210 BK010 PA612-I
Zytel® LC6601 BK551 PA612-I
Zytel® LC7602 BK010A PA*-I...
Zytel® LCBM6301 BK010 PA612-I
Zytel® LM70G35HSLX BK314 PA66-GF35
Zytel® MT409AHS BK010 PA66-I
Zytel® MT409AHS NC010 PA66-I
Zytel® PC310 NC010 PA66
Zytel® PLS90G30DR BK099 PA66-GF30
Zytel® PLS93G35DH1 BK549 PA6-GF35
Zytel® PLS95G35DH1 BK031 PA*-GF35
Zytel® PLS95G35DH1 BK549 PA66/6T-GF35
Zytel® PLS95G35DH1 NC010 PA66/6T-GF35
Zytel® PLS95G50DH2 BK261 PA66/6T-GF50
Zytel® PLSFR95G15DH2 BK269 PA*-GF15 FR(17)
Zytel® RS LC1610 BK387 PA1010-I
Zytel® RS LC2600 BK043A PA*-I...
Zytel® RS LC3060 NC010 PA610
Zytel® RS LC3090 NC010 PA610
Zytel® RS LC3160 NC010 PA610
Zytel® SC310 NC010 PA66
Zytel® SC315 NC010 PA612
Zytel® ST7301 BK356 PA6-I
Zytel® ST7301 NC010 PA6-I
Zytel® ST800HSL BK152 PA66-I
Zytel® ST801 BK010A PA66-I
Zytel® ST801 NC010A PA66-I
Zytel® ST801A NC010A PA66-I
Zytel® ST801AHS BK010 PA66-I
Zytel® ST801AHS NC010 PA66-I
Zytel® ST801AW BK195 PA66-I
Zytel® ST801AW NC010 PA66-I
Zytel® ST811HS BK038 PA6-I
Zytel® ST811HS NC010 PA6-I
Zytel® HTNFR55G50NHLW NC010 PA*-GF50 FR(40)
Zytel® HTNFR52G45NHF NC010 PA6T/66-GF45 FR(40)
Zytel® HTNFR52G30NH BK337 PA6T/66-GF30 FR(40)
Zytel® HTNFR52G30NH NC010 PA6T/66-GF30 FR(40)
Zytel® HTNLTFR52G30NH BL662 PA6T/66-GF30 FR(40)
Zytel® HTNFR42G30NH BK337 PA*-GF30 FR(40)
Zytel® 3D1000FL NC010 PA*
Zytel® HTNFR42G30NH NC010 PA*-GF30 FR(40)

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