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Rynite - PET - DuPont

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A search for "Rynite" in Material Data Center leads to the following information:

Tradename: Rynite
Family: PET
Producer: DuPont
31 hits in the material database
8 hits in the literature database

Material Data Center offers information about the following products with the requested tradename. To view a datasheet, please click on the relevant product.

Datasheet Polymer
Rynite® 408 BK515 PET-GF30
Rynite® 408 NC010 PET-I-GF30
Rynite® 415HP BK503 PET-I-GF15
Rynite® 415HP NC010 PET-I-GF15
Rynite® 530 BK503 PET-GF30
Rynite® 530 NC010 PET-GF30
Rynite® 530HTE NC010 PET-GF30
Rynite® 540SUV BK544 PET-GF40
Rynite® 545 BK504 PET-GF45
Rynite® 545 NC010 PET-GF45
Rynite® 935 BK505 PET-(P+GF)35
Rynite® 935 NC010 PET-(P+GF)35
Rynite® 935SUV BK593 PET-(P+GF)35
Rynite® 940 BK505 PET-(GF+P)40
Rynite® 940 NC010 PET-(GF+P)40
Rynite® FG530 NC011 PET-GF30
Rynite® FR515 BK507 PET-GF15 FR
Rynite® FR515 NC010 PET-GF15 FR(17)
Rynite® FR530 BK507 PET-GF30 FR
Rynite® FR530 NC010 PET-GF30 FR(17)
Rynite® FR530L BK507 PET-GF30 FR(17)
Rynite® FR531 NC010 PET-(GF+MD)45 FR(17)
Rynite® GW525CS1 BK527 PET-GF25 FR(16)
Rynite® GW525CS1 WT709 PET-GF25 FR(16)
Rynite® RE15022 NC010 PET-GF36
Rynite® RE19051 BK507 PET-(GF+MD)40 FR
Rynite® RE5231 BK533 PET-(GF+MD)35
Rynite® RE5264 NC010 PET-GF36
Rynite® RE5329 BK503 PET-(GX+GF)36
Rynite® FR533NH BK507 PET-GF33 FR(40)
Rynite® FR533NH NC010 PET-GF33 FR(40)

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