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Marlex - PE-HD, PE-LD - Chevron Phillips Chemical Co

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A search for "Marlex" in Material Data Center leads to the following information:

Tradename: Marlex
Family: PE-HD, PE-LD
Producer: Chevron Phillips Chemical Co
62 hits in the material database

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Datasheet Polymer
Marlex® ABF- 300 TPO
Marlex® AGM-110 PP
Marlex® AGM-250 PP
Marlex® AGM-350 PP
Marlex® AGN-120 PP
Marlex® AGN-150 PP
Marlex® AGN-200 PP
Marlex® AGN-230 PP
Marlex® AGN-380 PP
Marlex® AGN-450 PP
Marlex® AGN-650 PP
Marlex® AGX-020 PP
Marlex® AGX-380 PP
Marlex® ALN-070 PP
Marlex® ALN-120 PP
Marlex® ALN-230 PP
Marlex® AMN-010 PP
Marlex® BHD-150 PP-T
Marlex® BPC-45A PP-T
Marlex® BPC-70 PP-T
Marlex® CBF-265 TPO-T
Marlex® CDB- 300 TPO-T
Marlex® CDB-285 TPO-T
Marlex® CHN-200 TPO-T
Marlex® CHN-250 TPO-T
Marlex® CHP-010 TPO
Marlex® CHP-015 TPO
Marlex® CHP-035 TPO
Marlex® CHP-270 TPO
Marlex® CPD-700 TPO-T
Marlex® CUH-010-BLK PP-T
Marlex® CUH-020-BLK PP-T
Marlex® HGL-120-01 PP
Marlex® HGL-200 PP
Marlex® HGL-350 PP
Marlex® HGM-020 PP
Marlex® HGN-020-05 PP
Marlex® HGV-090 PP
Marlex® HGV-180 PP
Marlex® HGX-030-01 PP
Marlex® HGX-120 PP
Marlex® HGX-350 PP
Marlex® HGY-030 PP
Marlex® HGZ-1200 PP
Marlex® HGZ-180 PP
Marlex® HGZ-200 PP
Marlex® HHX-007 PP
Marlex® HLN-120-01 PP
Marlex® HLN-200 PP
Marlex® HLN-350 PP
Marlex® HLN-380-02 PP
Marlex® HMX-340 PP
Marlex® HMX-370 PP
Marlex® RCZ-020 PP
Marlex® RGC-020-04 PP
Marlex® RGC-020-06 PP
Marlex® RGX-020 PP
Marlex® RLC-020 PP
Marlex® RLC-120 PP
Marlex® RLC-350 PP
Marlex® RMN-020-01 PP
Marlex® SBM-120 PP

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