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Makrolon - PC - Bayer MaterialScience

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A search for "Makrolon" in Material Data Center leads to the following information:

Tradename: Makrolon
Family: PC
Producer: Bayer MaterialScience
130 hits in the material database
78 hits in the literature database
52 hits in the application database

Material Data Center offers information about the following products with the requested tradename. To view a datasheet, please click on the relevant product.

Datasheet Application
Makrolon® 2558 Integrated oxygenation system
Makrolon® DP1-1452 Integrated oxygenation system, components
Makrolon® 2658 Equine aerosol drug delivery system
Makrolon® LQ Eye glasses
Makrolon® Housing, Asthma-appliance
Makrolon® Flap, Asthma-appliance
Makrolon® Medication case, Asthma-appliance
Makrolon® Bedding disc, headlights, 3-er Kleinwagenserie
Makrolon® Mini CD-R cards
Makrolon® Connection device
Makrolon® Longlife S4P Roof, tropical world hall, Vogelpark Walsrode
Makrolon® DP1-1456 Front housing, Motorola mobile phone
Makrolon® Housing, mobile phone
Makrolon® LQ3147 Optical lenses
Makrolon® Rx2530 Injector, free needle injection system
Makrolon® External pane, Catamaran
Makrolon® 2607 Tail gate, Mercedes Benz C-class sport coupe
Makrolon® DP1-1820 Housing, water dispenser
Makrolon-Longlife Roof, Car-Port
Makrolon® AG2677 Multi-panel roof, car
Makrolon® LED2643 Lense, LED spotlight
Makrolon® AG2677 Panoramic panel, roof module, electric car
Makrolon® AG2677 Panoramic roof, Mercedes SLK
Makrolon® LQ3187 Welding goggles
Makrolon® 6557 Display, electric car charging station
Makrolon® 6487 Top housing, electric car charging station
Makrolon® Rx1452 Access cannula
Makrolon® UV 2099 Stadium roof
Makrolon® Notebook casing
Makrolon®  Rx Housing, metering unit, injection pump
Makrolon® LQ3187 Facelight light probe, filter disc
Makrolon® 6487 Dual charging station CT4021
Makrolon® LED2245 Cockpit, light guide
Makrolon® 6717 LED Light bulb
Makrolon® Rx1805 Valve connector, infusion
Makrolon® FR7087 LED engine
Makrolon® UV 2099 Stadium roof, Estadio Nacional, Brasilia
Makrolon® Lumen XT Lighting fixture
Makrolon® Travel bag
Makrolon® Lamp covers in the interior of rail vehicles
Makrolon® OD2015 LED lamp F | limyé Flat
Makrolon® 2458 Handle, single-use torque instrument
Makrolon® AG2677 Panorama roof, smart fortwo
Makrolon® 2207 LUNA baby carriages lamp
Makrolon® Rx1805 Marvelous™ three-way stopcock
Makrolon® Lenses of safety glasses
Makrolon® Capsule endoscope
Makrolon® 2207 Lamp cover
Makrolon® ET3227 Lamp housing
Makrolon® TC8030 LED cooling element
Makrolon® UV Pavilion
Makrolon® 2805 Nock, bow archery

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