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Amodel - PPA - Solvay Plastics

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Tradename: Amodel
Family: PPA
Producer: Solvay Plastics
61 hits in the material database
3 hits in the literature database

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Kunststoffe international, 2005-11-21, Development History of Plastics: Growth through Changing Times
... high-performance material (Ultem), while in 1983, Amoco came up with polyphthalamide (PPA), an aromatic polyamide. Production of PPA started in 1990 (Amodel). Modified polycarbonates such as polyester carbonate were introduced in 1983 (Bayer) and were launched on the market in 1986. In the mid-1990s, the first biodegradable plastics reached production readiness but almost all of them failed because of low market acceptance. In what was seen as a major breakthrough in polymer research, the deve...

Kunststoffe international, 2005-11-21, Impressive Variety: Polysulfones (PSU, PESU, PPSU) Dr. Stefan Göttgens, born in 1960, is Market Development Manager Europe for Plumbing and Sulfone Polymers at Solvay Advanced Polymers GmbH, Düsseldorf/Germany; Wolf Sanner, born in 1966, is Product Manager Amodel (PPA) and Xydar (LCP) at Solvay Advanced Polymer L.L.C., Alpharetta/USA; Title photo. Polysulfone faucets for medical use Service temperature range Fig. 1. Performance profile of various high-temperature plastics Fig. 2. Pl...

Kunststoffe international, 2008-10-17, Polyamides (PA) Typical applications for such HT polymers include intake manifolds with integrated oil separator, turbocharger resonators, ball bearing cages, self-adjusting coupling rings and stiff mechanical torsion dampers. The semi-aromatic polyamides, e.g. Amodel, Zytel HTN, Grivory HT and Ultramid T, with elevated melting points and reduced water absorption are being applied in high-temperature loaded parts, both in automobiles as well as in the electro-/electronics industry. One example of this is a ...

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